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Parts for Turbochargers

We manufacture Thrust Parts for Turbochargers of various makes as per customers drawings. Material used for these parts is SAE 4140, SAE 8620, EN 19 rods. The parts are finished in hardened condition having 40 to 45 HRC hardness on CNC turning machines. These hard Thrust Parts work at high rpm in the core assembly of the turbocharger. Therefore they are designed with precise dimensions. We maintain the close accuracy within 0.005 to 0.020 mm. The face parallelism is maintained within 0.005 mm and concentricity & perpendicularity is maintained within 0.010 mm. We achieve the surface finish of these parts up to 0.4 microns. As these parts are rotated at high rpm, balancing of these parts is most important thing. We take care of this fact and do the drill holes, wherever required, properly to avoid the imbalance.

We supply these parts to aftermarket customers as per their drawings in batch quantities of min. 250 nos and above. We have all the necessary inspection facilities including hardness tester & surface roughness tester. We use to check all the parts thoroughly and the record is maintained for future reference.