To maintain the desired quality, we take care of inspecting the parts at every stage of all processes.

Raw Material

Incoming raw material is checked visually as well as dimensionally on random sample basis. Anything found out of limit, we check again thoroughly and return defective material if any to the supplier. The material test reports furnished by the suppliers are often verified by counter checking on Spectroscope and confirm the same matches with the standards.

Rough Machining

We sometime outsource the rough machining to our regular subcontractors. Whenever such material comes in, the same is checked randomly to confirm whether it is as per drawing given. Moreover we periodically take audit at subcontractors’ shop and verify the process and calibration status of instruments and jig fixtures if any.

In-process Machining

At the beginning of machining (Including Drilling, Tapping & Milling) any part, our practice is to make First Piece Approval report which is checked and approved by the supervisor. Then only the production starts. During throughout process every part is checked and record is maintain by the operator/supervisor. This record is useful for our future reference.

Final Inspection

After all operations including drilling, tapping, milling etc, the parts are randomly Checked and also wherever required (for critical dimensions) 100 % inspection is carried out. At this stage the Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI) report is prepared. Then the parts are ready for packing and dispatch.

Thus our Quality Policy is to satisfy the customers in all respect through joint efforts of employee, customers, suppliers and going on path of continual improvement.

Our company is continuously having the ISO 9001:2008 certificate from TUV since 2008 for manufacturing Precision Metal Machined Parts. We manufacture small parts and medium parts as per customers’ drawings. We have been maintaining the quality without any compromise.